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mark beins



Mark Beins lives in Alpena, draws, paints, and teaches art to private students. He has a Master of Fine Arts degree in drawing from Wayne State University and has taught in private and public schools in Ohio, including Bowling Green State University, the Toledo Museum of Art, and in Michigan at Wayne State University, Pontiac Center for the Arts, the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, and Kirtland Community College.

In industry in Toledo, he supervised graphic production for large two and three story exhibits for national and international clients and the United States Army Corps of Engineers. He assisted in the design and fulfillment services for computerized robotic theaters, including the production of documentary movies, and has commission and placements of original artwork in national park visitor centers in Illinois, Las Vegas, Alaska, Ohio, North Dakota, Saudi Arabia and Guam in coordination with the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

In competitions, he won first prize at the Toledo Museum of Art Regional Competition, two first place acknowledgements at the Besser Museum, one man shows in Naples Florida, Detroit Michigan, and others.

Mark works in oils, pencil, and charcoal and generally uses landscape and the human figure as the source material for his artwork. Mark works with the philosophy, in front of the canvas, and follows Rembrandt’s thought, that “it is a mystery what happens here.”


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