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Ellsen (Elly) Diamond​​ has always loved all things colorful, from pieces of beach glass collected as a child on the beaches of Lake Huron to brightly colored spinnaker sailboat sails on Thunder Bay.  
Elly began dying fabrics while in elementary school smashing flower petals onto fabric.  Her technique evolved while living in NSW Australia where she experimented with natural materials like stingy nettle leaves and eucalyptus tree bark to color wool. She began marbling fabrics years ago, attempting to imitate the swirls of oil reflecting on the surface of mud puddles. 
Elly’s love of color and creativity even now extends to the chemistry classroom where she has taught since 1991.  She can’t help but to show her students the beautiful colors found in chemical reactions.

Did you know that iron is the metal responsible for the beautiful dye called prussian blue?  ​Its formal name is iron(III) hexacyanoferrate(II) and its chemical formula is Fe​4​[Fe(CN)​6​]​3​. ​It is only natural then, that Elly now uses professionally formulated chemical reactive dyes on her fabrics as she is a mad chemist melding her passions; chemistry, color and craft. 


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