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Forty-Five North Art Gallery is the result of a years long dream of providing local, talented artists a venue to display and sell their art. Having sold our own artwork at local art fairs and in galleries across Northern Michigan for years we came to the conclusion that Alpena was a growing art scene and in need of additional outlets for unique high quality art. It provides us space to display and sell our own glasswork and to promote complimentary work from other disciplines.


Having worked in the insurance and financial services industry for 40 years, retirement offered the chance to do something fun and meaningful. It also gave us both the chance to work together and try something neither of us had done, own a retail gallery. Days are satisfying in that we continue to learn and adjust and grow. We make a good team, each with their own strengths and responsibilities to insure a successful endeavor.


The gallery space is right in the heart of downtown Alpena in a historic 100+ year old building. The interior and exterior have recently been renovated and brought back to its former glory. The art is in keeping with the surroundings and works well in the space. 


All of the artists are exclusive to our gallery, meaning they do not sell their work in other galleries in town. We feel that this gives the buyer variety and great options for beautiful artwork. Because we are both on site every day it gives the shopper a very personal buying experience in that we know the artists intimately and can instruct and educate on each purchase. It also allows for many opportunities to commission a special piece that fits the customers needs.


We are always seeking out fresh, new, and appealing art to display in the gallery. This keeps customers coming back to see what is new and because prices range from the very affordable to one of a kind original artwork everyone can take a piece of art home with them.


We have also made it a point to work with other downtown businesses to help promote not only our gallery but all downtown businesses. Many special events are held throughout the year to bring people downtown to shop and socialize. One such event is our local art walk, held in the evening throughout the summer to bring a fun atmosphere to downtown. We offer entertainment, refreshments, and a chance to meet and see our artists at work in the gallery. Folks can make a personal connection, ask questions, and see them actually work on pieces in person. These events have been very well received and attended. Click here to receive our E-Newsletter, follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay in the know about new artwork and upcoming events. 


The next time you are in downtown please take a minute to stop by and see all 20+ artists work on display.  We promise a pleasant shopping experience for all. - August & Peggy Matuzak